French day and a recipe

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I just want to share how blessed I am to have cool and lovely friends that I can’t help but blog about. It’s not easy when you have a habit of packing your bags and hopping on planes to new cities every once in a while. This is Michiko- freshly back from her backpack trip in Europe. One of my lady partners in crime in carrying out whatever art idea we have in our heads. Also, those kind of friends who have your back and tell you how awesome you are on bad days and such.

We celebrated her return by cooking up a picnic. The theme was meant to be French, but evolved to roasted veggies (asparagus, zucchini and mushrooms), Avocado, shrimp and tomatillo salad, Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Arugula and Avocado, yam chips and of course wine.

To share with you this fabulous pineapple juice recipe I am just crazy about – tasty, simple and worth chopping up a pineapple on hot summer days.

FRENCH DAY (5 of 16)FRENCH DAY (1 of 16)

You will need:

1. Pineapple (cut into chunks)

2. Several mint leaves

3. water


1. Add Pineapple + water + mint

2. Blend

3. Add mint for garnish

There you have it, easy as pie and such a good start for any occasion.

FRENCH DAY (10 of 16)Bon Appetite!


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