A Wes Anderson Love Story

engagement photography - love - vancouverengagement photography - love - vancouverengagement photography - vancouver - love - shoes

If you haven’t watched a Wes Anderson film you should probably stop reading and go watch now cause that’s what I’ll be talking about for a while. I have this thing for film that invites you into a whole different world and I LOVE his quirky creativity and and his attention for symmetrical detail.

engagement photography - love - vancouverMatching outfit check

Inspired by his creative genius. I had the opportunity to incorporate the concept in shoot with Matt and Dani. A wonderful couple who share an equal obsession with photography, adventure and Wes Anderson.

Here is a favourite from that day:

M + D (19 of 50)

The best times in photography are always those moments when you push a little further into your creativity or when you absolutely don’t expect it at all.

Yes, this is my favourite photo. Not because it feels like Wes Anderson but because it’s something I’ve never done before and I totally love it.

I will leave you with more one more photo and my fave soundtrack from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

engagement photography - love - vancouver




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