A hedgehog story

hedgehog with tulips


I’m sure you all know the famously cute @darcytheflyinghedgehog. Inspired by all this cute hedgehog action – I made a trip to the pet store last Christmas and came home with Amelia.

It’s been so much fun working with her and trying to figure out this little creature. Here is a little record I made of our daily interaction:

7:00am – rise and whine. grouch around. sleep.

8:30am– mom leaves. grouch around. sleep

4pm – mom comes home. eat. participate in mom’s art project. sleep

5pm– chill in kitchen while mom cooks. Try everything on the counter( ginger, garlic, apple, coconut, rosemary..tablecloth)

5pm-10pm – sleep.

10pm – race around pen, escape pen, race under furniture. destroys carpet. comes out for vegetable treats

11pm – start to wake up. eat. the hedgehog day begins

hedgehog - just chilling - photography - vancouver - still life
Chillin like a hedgehog

It’s great fun photographing her little face. I never knew that a hedgehog could have so much personality and much sass.

Someone on the street recognized me last week as ” The girl with the porcupine.”


I leave you with these photos and hope they bring you as many laughs as they do for me – No spikes attached.

happy hedgehog - photography - vancouver - lifestylehedgehog - photography - vancouver - lifestyle hedgehog in the light - photography - vancouver - lifestyle hedgehog with flowers - photography - vancouver - lifestyle sleeping hedgehog - photography

Find more photos on Amelia’s Instagram here.



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