Society Floral – A Photo Shoot

lifestyle photography - vancouver - portraitsociety floral - lifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait

Meet Tanisha, the lady behind Society Floral, photographed in her cute little studio in Vancouver.

I always find it interesting photographing other creatives- it’s like getting to experience the “behind the scenes’ for a few hours. Hearing them talk about their work is quite inspiring.

lifestyle photography - vancouver - portraitlifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait

Did you know that both of us got the idea to start our creative careers while travelling/living in China? Small world. 

pineapple - lifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait Also got a chance to be in front of the camera for a few shots, baby pineapple worked it’s magic.

We did a little tour around Sun Yet San Garden and broke down laughing because the light kept disappearing at the most crucial moments. Gotta love the light.

lifestyle photography - vancouver - sun yet san parklifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait

Vancouver is pretty magical these days with the weather. I’ll be heading to Asia for a month of travel in May, looking forward to being on the road again and snapping some great shots.


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