China: A story in photos

Jingxi- Suzhou - china - photography
Dog on my uncles farm and a fishermen on the river in Suzhou

China, oh China.
There is so much to write about this country. Half the time it isn’t all fun but think 50% adventure with 100% culture shock. Moments when you find yourself terrified in over crowded public spaces, lost in the middle of nowhere with no maps no communication, over the top AQI’s and crazy taxi drivers.

And oh, did I mention Chinese food?

There is however, so much beauty in the great land of China and I am glad I got to witness a piece of it on this trip.

Beautiful layers of mountains on Huangshan, Suzhou.

We spent a week in Suzhou, Anhui, Nanking and three days hiking on Huangshan(Yellow mountain) and Jiuhua mountain- legendary places that wooed poets, film makers and… me 🙂

lifestyle_photography_sophiahsin lifestyle_photography_sophiahsin
The cutest couple from a little village in Anhui- the grandma insisted on posing with watermelon!

lifestyle_photography_sophiahsin lifestyle_photography_sophiahsin
Luzhi- a water town in Suzhou where you can find the cutest antique shops

There is something about the way your eye is caught by smiles of people and the way light catches through old windows in towns so well preserved that you feel like you are travelling back in time.

children-china- jiuhuashan-travel-photography
Children playing on the streets, Jiuhushan

Sunset over Huangshan

These were plenty of moments I had to remind myself to put down the camera and take in how beautiful everything was. Travelling is magical in a way that you remember all the good things about being on the road and it always leaves you thirsting for more.

Note: These photos were photographed as an assignment for Getty Images/Instagram Awards for countries underrepresented.



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