Seattle, Henry Art and Totokaelo

As part of my 2015 resolution to travel and blog more. I am simply going to post more photos 🙂

Here are photos from a little trip I made down to Seattle.

totokaelo-seattle-sophia-hsin-photography (1 of 11)totokaelo-seattle-photography Totokaelo 

It’s such a well curated place that it was worth the travel – it was a shame they didn’t allow camera photos but the iPhone will do 🙂

totokaelo-seattle-photography Shoe Heaven

I love how they made everything look naturally lit even in the lower floors. Capitol Hill is a neat little area to check out for shops and cafes too.

seattle-henry-art-gallery-martin-creedhenry-art-martin-creed-photography (1 of 1)seattle-henry-art-gallery-martin-creedHenry Art Gallery

And of course, you can’t miss out on a room filled to the brim with silver balloons (37,000 to be exact). It was nice being able to act like a 3 year old in the playroom – though slightly more serious because there really was a danger of getting lost in a sea of helium.

molly-moon-seattle-ice-creamRefusing to leave without a scoop of Strawberry Balsamic at Molly Moon’s

ferris-wheel-seattleMy favourite Seattle spot

It was so refreshing to be back on the road again. I always get a little kick even when it’s a little day trip out of the city.

Seattle you are quite wonderful. I promise to be back very soon.



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