The Pink City: Jaipur, India

The Majestic Hawa Mahal – Palace of the Winds. You can almost imagine the royal ladies peeking at the busy street from the windows 200 years ago. The area is now packed with shops, tourists and people yelling at you to come in their shops. My tuk tuk driver stopped for 2 minutes and someone shouted at me from the temple above where I was able to go up for a better shot.

Hello from Jaipur India!

This is the last week where I begin to wrap up a month of a very well travelled trip.

I wish I had the words to properly describe the blasts of smells, noise, traffic, people setting off Diwali fireworks and the goats, cows, dogs, children that pepper the streets with alarming density.

Colours of Diwali. Found in a very crowed street littered with firework remains, cow poop, discarded chai cups, half eaten chapatis and burnt incense. This little table was like a breath of fresh air in a fantastically crazy world.

Most days it feels like my brain is still trying to digest everything that has happened in the last few hours and there are days when you feel like hiding under the bed covers and holding on to the remaining bits of my comfort zone.

I am glad to say that curiosity always wins and if there is one thing I can take away from India is the face the day with a fierce determination everyone seems to hold.

So here is Jaipur, in all of it’s pink splendour, it’s majestic architecture and poverty stricken sites. I will do my best to write as honestly as I can and leave the rest to photography and your imagination.

The wonderfully pink and perfectly symmetric City Palace(The Hall of Public Audience and Chandra Mahal). This is probably my favourite space yet. I am with you if it reminds you of Wes Anderson.

I could have spent all day here. A photographer’s dream.

jaipur_city_palace_guardThe happy guards at the City Palace Gate. Rumour has it that these guards are hired to wear red turbans and smoke opium all day. Maybe that is why they always say yes to photos.

jaipur_water_palaceA serene moment by the Water Palace right before sunset.

Tomorrow we head to Agra. I have always dreamed about visiting the Taj Mahal and will keep pinching myself to make sure this is all very real.



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