Vancouver City Guide: 10 places to eat, visit and photograph

Sunset at Whytecliff Park

I cannot believe that February is already here! It feels like the holidays have barely gone by and now we are hurtling towards a season of warmer weather and exciting projects.

I made a list for a friend planning to visit Vancouver and thought I would share it with all of you. Vancouver is one of my favourites cities with beautiful things I tend to forgot about the longer I am here.

When I think about travel, I think about all the places that fill me with wanderlust. New cities, people, humid air, markets and different cultures that make my heart skip a beat as I am sitting home writing about my city.

So bear with me while I take a step back and revisit Vancouver through the eyes of a tourist. Though I am sure that you will agree that friends, food, nature and art will make any city in the world a good destination to visit.


Hello from the green interiors at Finchesvancouver_finches_cafe_pear_brie_.jpg
Pear and brie prosciutto sandwich at Finches. An all time favourite

1. Finches Tea & Coffee House: No words. If you are ever in Vancouver do take time to try the pear, proscuitto and brie sandwich.

2. The Birds & The Beets: A wonderful green and cosy place with great miso bowls, kombucha and an neat place to escape the rain. The owners Matt, Sean and Francis are also super lovely people.

3. Sushi! Taking this moment to thank the abundance of Japanese food in Vancouver considering I have Japanese five days out of seven. My favourites: Toshi (authentic little nook, no reservations and expect a line), Samurai (best brown rice sushi in the city with great slabs of sashimi) and Miku (nice place to take your parents).


4. English Bay: I spent a summer living in an apartment five minutes away from the water. To this day it remains my favourite summer filled with memories of the Honda Celebration of Light, countless evenings watching the sunsets and picnics by the water.

5. Whytecliff Park: This is probably my favourite place to visit and get out of the city. The seals, porpoises and view of Vancouver Island will never fail to take your breath away. Plan your visit around low tide so you get to climb on the giant rock in the park that leads to a most promising view.

Minimalist piers at White Rock Beachwhite_rock_beach_gelato-1.jpg
You cannot visit White Rock without getting gelato or Fish & Chips

6. White Rock Beach: This beach is located further out in Surrey but a must visit if you love minimalist beaches and handmade Italian gelato by the pier.

Arts and shopping

7. Vancouver Art Gallery: A smaller gallery than I am used to but hello it’s art! Tuesday evenings are pay by donation if you are on a travel budget. The gallery cafe offers live music in the summer with a delightful patio and garden.

libtery_bakery_vancouver.jpgBest patio seats at Liberty Bakerylo_and_sons_camera_bag-1.jpgWhite walls of Sun Yet San with dog, many shoots have taken place herebeaucoup_cafe_vancouver.jpg
The irresistible selection of baked goods from Beaucoup Bakery in South Granville

8. Main Street/Mount Pleasant Area: A neat area filled with restaurants, bakeries and cafes(Le Marché St George and Liberty Bakery are my favourites) and boutique shops. Plan to spend at least half a day here. 

9. Gastown: Have to put this one down because it is a tourist must. Great places for coffee like Timbertrain, Revolver. Spend your night at The Diamond for cocktails and Old Faithful Shop for nice things. Skip the steam clock. 

10. Chinatown! I had a season where I was addicted to chicken buns and egg tarts at New Town Bakery, white space at Sun Yet San Garden, pick me ups at Matchstick Coffee and the best ramen with squash and miso broth you can possibly get at Harvest Community.

Summer sailboats at Whytecliff Park

So here is to travel. To places where you discover or lose a little more of yourself and to journeys that make you appreciate the comforts of home.

All photos here by me. Photo of me by Isabel


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