Born in Taiwan and currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I am a photographer that specializes in travel, lifestyle & portrait photography.

With a penchant for minimalism and background in communication design – my passion is helping people tell their stories in thoughtful and creative ways. I photograph commercial photo shoots as well as assist on social media campaigns on Instagram.

Prior to photography, I worked in the medical & educational field in China and spent many years living abroad. A lot of my inspiration comes from the people I’ve met and cultures I get to experience. My key to creating is focused on sharing things that I am passionate about and being as honest as I possibly can. I believe in conscientious design, authentic communication and creating work that makes a difference. My hope for my work is to create awareness of those values in the community and world I live in.

When I’m not behind my camera I can be found hanging out at the beach with Amelia Hedgehog and making never ending travel plans.

For image licensing, please visit Stocksy. For photography, styling, media kit requests or just to say hi email me: hello@sophiahsin.com


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