Postcards from Laomei Green Reef, Taiwan


Hello from Lao Mei, Taiwan.

It’s so nice to be back in Taiwan revisiting old nooks and discovering new places on this island that feels like home every time I am back. I think the beauty of going away is being able to come back and look at things with a new perspective and fresh lens. There are many memories I have from Asia and they grows richer with each trip.

I took the liberty of the Labour Day holiday and drove out to the North coast with friends. Taiwan is small yet I never cease to be amazed by the diverse landscapes and lush beauty the island seems to hold.

Laomei Green Reef: A seaweed carpet formed by a type of algae that grows on the reef from April to May before the summer heat hits the coast. I have never seen such curious plants and might have taken a photo too many. taiwan_lao_mei_green_stones-12engagement_photography_taiwan_taipei
Chasing the light with Albert and Liz

My squinty friend

I have a few more days left here and it is always a fun battle between savouring moments like a local or taking photos like a shameless tourist. I leave feeling full from the warmth of the culture here and am excited to head back to Canada with a deeper understanding of my background.


And this is where I leave you.

Summer in Vancouver

English Bay, the place of pretty sunsets

This coming month marks three years of me being in Canada. Three crazy years of going down this creative journey that’s often crazy but always fun.

I’m at this season where I feel happily overwhelmed by life and work and it’s kind of amazing. If you ask me a thousand times why I take photos I will say it’s because the world is beautiful and that there are many stories waiting to be told.

I like about how nice it is to be alive and living in a place where I have the liberty to create and write about things that matter. I hope to never take these things for granted.

The summer is being very wonderful and I am loving all the light it brings. So much colour and time to shoot and see. And you know it’s precious because it doesn’t stick around ūüôā
Here are a few shots from my neighbourhood, city and portraits of lovley people.

Light and shadows – this is my favourite balcony in Vancouver

And because it is nice to share  ‚Äď here are a few books I’m currently loving:  Rework by Jason Fried(great left brain strategy for creatives), A Wilder Life (Good book with plant solutions for daily life) and Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I’ve always been inspired by children books and writers since I’m making my own. I’m trying read every book I can get my hands on‚ÄĒthey’re great. Miss Peregrine will be coming out in theatre and of course anything directed by Tim Burton is a must see.
If you’re looking for me – I will be by the beach.english_bay
Here’s to a wonderful summer!

Photo of me by Michiko
Pants and Black Lace Espadrilles from Zara
Stripe Top from Joe Fresh
Beach Blanket from Scout and Catalogue

Lorraine Sui – A Photo Shoot

One of the best feelings in the world are those moments of serendipity where you find yourself working with people you met years ago in coffee shops.

This campaign was shot with Flowmarq for Lorraine Sui Рa mom and daughter team who came together through their love for fashion and designed this adorable collection of bags for the everyday girl.

¬†I got to meet the mother and daughter Judy and Natalie on the day of the shoot and learned that the¬†bags are¬†actually a creative result of Natalie’s journey with Autism.
Despite their challenges РJudy fully embraces her daughter’s neurodiversity and believes in her ability to create and come up with practical solutions for daily life. The bags are designed practically but meant to inspire and encourage you to live colourfully and to live out loud.

This project was themed around color and playfulness and we had a lot of fun putting together ideas, location scouting, prop shopping, juice drinking and working with models in crazy hot weather even for Vancouver.

¬†It’s those moments you have in your career where you plan and edit way into the night with too many glasses of wine but¬†there’s no other work you’d rather be doing even though you’re always¬†sleep deprived. It was fun.
I might have taken too many selfies during the day but I’m glad to step out the comfort of a studio and work with a team that puts much effort¬†into executing a creative vision. It’s really rewarding watching your creative ability expand as you work with other people. Judy and Natalie are¬†looking to open a shop in Gastown, Vancouver and I am stoked for them every step of the way.
 Till next time.
Models: Kirstyn and Caylene
Art direction + photography: Me
Makeup: Winnie wu
In partnership with: Flowmarq
Special thanks to our friends at: The Juice Truck

Coffee and a photo walk

I thought I would start sharing more of my digital SLR work here and iPhone snaps that never make it to my OCD Instagram feed. More of a reason for coffee dates, photo walks and meeting new friends in this city.

Propaganda Cafe.

The new coffee place I am obsessed with.

Propaganda cafe - tessa - vancouver - lifestyle Propaganda cafe - tessa - vancouver - lifestyle Propaganda cafe - tessa - vancouver - lifestyle

I do love a white wall and a good neat space. And I like how Vancouver- small as it is, never runs out of cool people working on creative projects.

coffee-1 The perfect 5-ounce cappucino 

I’ll end with photos from a photo walk with Thompson– The nicest camera guy you’ll find around. Shot in Railtown with white walls and decent amount of shadows.

photo walk - vancouver - rail townphoto walk - vancouver - rail town Candid hair moment.naturey crap

Another note, I will be in Taiwan for a few weeks in June. Would love any notes on cool places & people to check out!

Society Floral – A Photo Shoot

lifestyle photography - vancouver - portraitsociety floral - lifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait

Meet Tanisha, the lady behind Society Floral, photographed in her cute little studio in Vancouver.

I always find it interesting photographing¬†other creatives- it’s like getting to experience the “behind the scenes’ for a few hours. Hearing them talk about their work is quite inspiring.

lifestyle photography - vancouver - portraitlifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait

Did you know that both of us got the idea to start our creative careers while travelling/living in China? Small world. 

pineapple - lifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait Also got a chance to be in front of the camera for a few shots, baby pineapple worked it’s magic.

We did a little tour around Sun Yet San Garden and broke down laughing because the light kept disappearing at the most crucial moments. Gotta love the light.

lifestyle photography - vancouver - sun yet san parklifestyle photography - vancouver - portrait

Vancouver is pretty magical these days with the weather. I’ll be heading to Asia¬†for a month of travel in May, looking forward to being on the road again and snapping some great shots.

A Wes Anderson Love Story

engagement photography - love - vancouverengagement photography - love - vancouverengagement photography - vancouver - love - shoes

If you haven’t watched a Wes Anderson film you should probably stop reading¬†and go watch now cause that’s what I’ll be talking about for a while.¬†I have this thing for film that invites you into a whole different world and¬†I LOVE his quirky creativity and and his attention for symmetrical detail.

engagement photography - love - vancouverMatching outfit check

Inspired by his creative genius. I had the opportunity to incorporate the concept in shoot with Matt and Dani. A wonderful couple who share an equal obsession with photography, adventure and Wes Anderson.

Here is a favourite from that day:

M + D (19 of 50)

The best times¬†in photography are always those moments when you push a little further into your creativity or when you absolutely don’t expect it at all.

Yes, this is my favourite photo. Not because it feels like Wes Anderson but because it’s something I’ve never done before and I totally love it.

I will leave you with more one more photo and my fave soundtrack from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

engagement photography - love - vancouver