Hello 2017

Catching the sunset at Varkala Beach, India

Hello 2017!

Oh what a year.

2016  has taught me a lot. It’s good time to look back and celebrate all the achievements like graduating design school, travelling for my first photography project, backpacking to India, getting to work with some dream clients and learning to give myself a pat on the back for all of the above.

On assignment for Alaska Air in Charleston, South Carolina. Photo by dad

This year has taught me the importance of home, of community, people, trusting my creative intuition and the joy of a home cooked meal.

Baking lemon cookies for Christmas. Can we all agree nothing smells better than freshly grated lemon zest and hot butter?

Baked eggs in avocado. Homemade breakfasts with your little sister @nasheedee are the best.

While it is good to set big goals for the new year. Here is to living each day with intention, from the moment you wake up and before you put your feet on the floor. Linger on those moments like talking on the phone with grandma, the smell of fresh lemon on your coconut flour cookies and the fog pouring over the waves of water on your morning run.

Things that never get old.

Watching Canadian geese flying over the water at English Bay. A favourite place in Vancouver

To the new year!