Say Hello to A Hog Named Bob



A little update from Taiwan. Today was a very special day. I traveled out of Taipei into Keelung and came home with a new friend — Bob the Hedgehog!

I realized there will never a time when I feel ready enough for many things. Things like new cities, new beginnings or new pets. But the beauty of life is to make up your mind and move forward with complete courage while expecting the very best.

Taipei will be the eighth city I call home in my many years of life. I have never known where I am heading next and I figured that’s the way it will always be. Moving around so much also made me realize the importance of being present, of making home wherever I am, and to accept every challenge that comes up with a fully committed heart. Sometimes those decisions involve hedgehogs.

So now, I am excited to call this city home and look forward to what I can create here. I know there will always be limits that come with each place like geographic location, industry, and culture. But right now, I look forward to growing lots in this season — in boldness, in creativity, in kindness, and to believe that there is nowhere in the universe to be now but here.

With that being said, here are photos documenting this special day with Bob.

keelung_harbour_taiwan_基隆港_sophia_hsin-5A rainy day at Keelung Harbour. This was the city where I lived and attended music school. The concrete building on the right was where I held my elementary graduation concert.bob_the_hedgehog_sophia_hsin-4.jpg
Meeting Bob — the lightest colored hog among his siblings. Basically love at first sight.bob_the_hedgehog_sophia_hsin-2.jpgTiny Bob. Born December 12, 2017. Two days after Amelia left for heaven and a week away from my birthday. His hedgehog coloring is classified as “milk tea” or “white chocolate”. Both delicious.bob_the_hedgehog_sophia_hsin-3.jpgTo new amigos!


A Hedgehog Story II

A few of you may know my current obsession with hedgehogs and you’ll be pleased to know that there’s more photos to follow.

After saying goodbye to a splendid month in Taiwan, I was presented with a gift at the airport… Amelia Hedgehog 2!

I’m really loving coming up with new concepts and themes for my projects so here is a little impromptu shoot I did featuring her travelling from Taipei-Beijing-Vancouver.

Hedgehogs after all, are born to travel.

hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver

Amelia dreams of travel + on the plane

Beijing airport-hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver

Beijing airport and hedgehog spa

unnamed-2 beijing airport-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver

Matching seats + Amelia in a bed of flowers


Home at last and meeting the real Amelia Hedgehog

You can find follow Amelia’s adventures on Instagram and get prints here. I mean, we can all use a little more seriousness in our life.

A hedgehog story

hedgehog with tulips


I’m sure you all know the famously cute @darcytheflyinghedgehog. Inspired by all this cute hedgehog action – I made a trip to the pet store last Christmas and came home with Amelia.

It’s been so much fun working with her and trying to figure out this little creature. Here is a little record I made of our daily interaction:

7:00am – rise and whine. grouch around. sleep.

8:30am– mom leaves. grouch around. sleep

4pm – mom comes home. eat. participate in mom’s art project. sleep

5pm– chill in kitchen while mom cooks. Try everything on the counter( ginger, garlic, apple, coconut, rosemary..tablecloth)

5pm-10pm – sleep.

10pm – race around pen, escape pen, race under furniture. destroys carpet. comes out for vegetable treats

11pm – start to wake up. eat. the hedgehog day begins

hedgehog - just chilling - photography - vancouver - still life
Chillin like a hedgehog

It’s great fun photographing her little face. I never knew that a hedgehog could have so much personality and much sass.

Someone on the street recognized me last week as ” The girl with the porcupine.”


I leave you with these photos and hope they bring you as many laughs as they do for me – No spikes attached.

happy hedgehog - photography - vancouver - lifestylehedgehog - photography - vancouver - lifestyle hedgehog in the light - photography - vancouver - lifestyle hedgehog with flowers - photography - vancouver - lifestyle sleeping hedgehog - photography

Find more photos on Amelia’s Instagram here.