How To Make Alpaca Curry – A Tutorial


The beautiful thing about art is that it connects you with creatives from all sorts of different backgrounds. The best thing about being an artist is having creative ideas and people to carry those ideas out with.

Today on the blog, we have jewellery and graphic designer Foe and dear, Fox and flourish and me (or rather – a deer, a fox and a hedgehog)

Creative people you know, whom when put together, are bound to make awesome things happen.

Enough said. You will need:


Kastu Curry *2
Nori Sheet
Hard-boiled eggs *2
Bow Pasta
Toothpicks to assemble

*I used store bought curry from the ZAC・ZAC  Japanese Curry House because this post is about alpacas, not making curry. They also have great customer service and will kindly separate the ingredients, give you unsliced katsu and a thumbs up when you tell them you are making alpacas.


Processed with VSCOcam with j2 preset

Peel eggs and slice a thin oval from the side for the alpaca face and tail. Cut nori sheet for eyes, nose, mouth and assemble onto egg face with pincers/toothpicks.


Create an alpaca shape with rice on plate. Be mindful of hungry studio animals.


Assemble decorative ingredients onto your Alpaca and pour curry sauce around the rice.


There you have it! Alpacas for everyone. It’s not everyday that you get to eat Alpacas for lunch.


Many thanks to Katherine and Christina for sharing your beautiful studio and your brilliant minds.

Also, a shout out to Margo the dog for being the best dog model. Even though you didn’t get any alpacas.

The End


Simplicity is a cup of coffee


“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.”
-Gustave Flaubert

I’ve been organizing my archives and thought I’d share some photos from 2013 when I started photographing my daily cups of coffee.

The funny story is, it all started in Beijing, China on a white board, with very bad pollution and too much free time.


Thank goodness that I lived close enough to the flower market back then and from my weekly trips began “The Coffee Project”. (Also, a shout out to Jelito De Leon for the inspiration behind “How I See My Coffee” It’s just lovely)


I believe there is much beauty in simplicity, that we are given the perfect amount of everything- to create, to explore and to inspire.

Even if it’s as simple as rearranging pretty things on a board or scootering 10 miles in a foreign country to have coffee with a friend.

Liberty Bakery + Orso Cafe, Vancouver. White wall are such a good incentive to check out new cafes

How will you see your next cup of coffee ?

ps- congrats Hanna, Emma and Rosalind on being selected for the giveaway from my last post!

Life Recently + Print Giveaway {Closed}

The summer season brings a lot of new things to do and new people to meet around town.
Here are a few snaps of things I’ve been up to and also things I’ve been lucky to receive and photograph.


Granville Island with the girls Nicole and Aileen +  Roasted dinners that make me love summer


So lucky I live by the beach + for the love of wedding season

sophia_hsin_blog (2 of 2)
sophia_hsin_blog (1 of 2)

The two of us on a shoot around Vancouver- it took us 3 hours, 5 locations and 3 scoops of ice cream. Talk about perfectionists 🙂


There are definitely up and downs working as a freelancer and times where I wish I had the safety of a cubicle job or the brains to come up with the next IKEA. At the end of the day I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else so here it is. I’ll always try to share as much of it as possible here on the blog.


Here are prints of Amelia, printed polaroid style from Memories Lab– a photo lab based in Hong Kong. I am really impressed with the quality and have gotten great feedback from friends though they were possibly under the influence of “the hedgehog”.
I’ll be giving some prints away to people who have been following my work for a while.

Simply leave a comment here and I’ll select three people at random. Entries must be posted by Wednesday, July 29th, at 8 a.m. PST. Good luck!

ps: my earphones are from Sudio, dress from ZARA and the watch from here.

How To Make Bear Toast- A Tutorial

There are times when life as a creative (or life in general) requires trying new things or breaking out of a tedious schedule. Times when you feel like you’re in a slum, and possibly can’t create work anymore.

The secret?
Bear Toast

Bear with me as I go through this list of reasons why:

1. They are irresistibly cute

2. Impress a friend, roommate, parent or neighbour. They are good for picnics too

3. A healthy snack (as long as you have self control and don’t eat spoonfuls of Nutella during the making)

4. Bound to get you out of any creative rut

Enough said.

You will need: how_to_make_bear_toast

slices of toast
peanut butter, Nutella or frosting
blueberries (any type of berries)


Start by slicing the bananas and cover toast with Nutella for blacks bears, peanut butter for brown bears (my fav).


Position sliced bananas and blueberries for the eyes and nose. I’ve found that slicing the berry in half helps to keep the nose from rolling off. The blueberries also remind me of beagles in Fantastic Mr. Fox.


Viola! You can experiment with different colours of frosting and berries too. Try white frosting for polar bears.


Snap a photo with your favourite bear and enjoy. Now go make some bear toast.


The end

Behind the Scenes – A Shoot with Haejin Lee Ceramics

I thought I’d share some behind the scenes from a recent shoot with Haejin Lee– whom I had the wonderful pleasure to work with. After all, I am that girl who loves to creep other artists to learn more about their wonderful work.

From working with a translator to learn more about Korean Ceramics, studio visits, sourcing the right props and learning How to Make the most Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs (Thanks Martha).

Here are a few behind the scene snaps.


Bo the studio dog + slicing the most perfect hard-boiled eggs

Processed with VSCOcam with j2 preset

Props (a real mess) + studio setup


Our shoot – styled around ceramics and western tea time

haejin-lee-ceramics-vancouver-styling-photgraphy (4 of 4) haejin-lee-ceramics-vancouver-styling-photgraphy (2 of 4)haejin-lee-ceramics-vancouver-styling-photgraphy (1 of 4)
haejin-lee-ceramics-vancouver-styling-photgraphy (3 of 4)

I’ve mentioned this before but it has been a great inspiration working with artists, their dedication and love for their craft is really admirable.

Stay tuned for more projects throughout the summer and of course, I can’t end without a photo from my trusty assistant Amelia.

amelia-hedgehog-vancouver-photographer (1 of 1)

A Hedgehog Story II

A few of you may know my current obsession with hedgehogs and you’ll be pleased to know that there’s more photos to follow.

After saying goodbye to a splendid month in Taiwan, I was presented with a gift at the airport… Amelia Hedgehog 2!

I’m really loving coming up with new concepts and themes for my projects so here is a little impromptu shoot I did featuring her travelling from Taipei-Beijing-Vancouver.

Hedgehogs after all, are born to travel.

hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver

Amelia dreams of travel + on the plane

Beijing airport-hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver hedgehog-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver

Beijing airport and hedgehog spa

unnamed-2 beijing airport-lifestyle-photography-Vancouver

Matching seats + Amelia in a bed of flowers


Home at last and meeting the real Amelia Hedgehog

You can find follow Amelia’s adventures on Instagram and get prints here. I mean, we can all use a little more seriousness in our life.

China: from my iPhone

“Not till we are lost, in other words not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves, and realize where we are” ― Henry David Thoreau

I thought I’d share some behind the scene snaps of China from the iPhone- which is always great to capture a photo-in-process or when I am in too much of a hurry to dig out my DSLR.

China is weird and wonderful in a way that you simply have to leave your logic behind and enjoy the ride. From fried ants in dishes, children clambering to have their photo taken on the street or guards threatening to take your camera away in tourist areas, it was quite the experience.

Here are some of my most favourite moments 🙂

tools-china Huangshan-china-iphone

Antique tools from a little village in Anhui and the prettiest view from Huangshan

pork-china suzhou-water-china

Ham hanging from walls (lunch?) and a famous bridge in JIngde, Suzhou

shanghai bao-china-iphone suzhou-china-travel

Shanghai fried bao on the streets and a boat crossing in Suzhou

cute dog- china-travel Huangshan-china-iphone

The cutest chinese puppy + one more from Huangshan

chinese children-china-lifestyle tofu dog-jiuhuashan-travel

Children on Jiuhuashan (I gave them peppermints in exchange for photos) and a dog who followed me around while his owner delivered tofu!

koi fish-china-travel chinese succulents-china-lifestyle

Koi fish in Wujiang and succulents from a tourist area in Mudu

Stay tuned for more pictures from Taiwan!